How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally How to get rid of stretch marks naturally with TriLASTIN


Get Rid of Stretch Marks.

So what are stretch marks and can you get rid of them?

Stretch Marks are a very common condition, not limited to pregnancy that start out as slightly raised reddish or sometimes purple lines on the skin. In the early stages, stretch marks can be very unsightly. And lets be honest, who doesn't want to get rid of them.

Causes of Stretch Marks

Understanding the causes of stretch marks and taking early preventative steps can go a long way to eliminating the need for more expensive techniques to help you get rid of the them at a later stage.

It is believed that excessive stretching of the skin, such as occurs during pregnancy or rapid growth spurts, is the most common cause of stretch marks. This rapid stretching puts the dermis (the middle layer of the skin) under strain, and damage to the supporting fibres results in the appearance of stretch mark scars.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

If you really want to get rid of stretch marks it is important to establish a routine and persevere with your chosen treatment. It is equally important to follow a balanced diet rich in vitamins (particularly vitamin C and vitamin E) and the minerals needed to keep your skin healthy.

In addition to following a healthy lifestyle and avoiding Yo-Yo dieting, there is a lot you can do to protect your skin from damage and keep it in good condition.

Moisturizing on a daily basis is a natural way to get rid of stretch marks. As you moisturize you are helping to keep the skin soft, smooth and supple.

Many naturopathic practitioners and herbalists recommend Cocoa Butter as a natural treatment that may help get rid of stretch marks. Cocoa butter is naturally rich in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent free radical damage to the collagen fibres that support the skin.

Vitamin E oil is high on the list of natural remedies to help get rid of stretch marks. Whilst Vitamin E has not been proven to get rid of stretch marks massaging with it may go a very long way in helping prevent them. Over time, stretch marks do fade to silvery white lines and become much less noticeable. However, if you are not prepared to wait for this fading to occur naturally, which might take years, consider giving them a helping hand.

Whilst many argue that nothing other than surgery can get rid of stretch marks completely several products come highly recommended by users and natural practitioners to help you prevent and get rid of stretch marks naturally.

Whether you want to prevent stretch marks or get rid of existing stretch marks, TriLASTIN SR offers a targeted and effective solution in natural stretch mark removal. Learn more about TriLASTIN Stretch Mark Cream


How to get rid of stretch marks naturallyHow to get rid of stretch marks naturally

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